Saturday, November 24, 2012

TaurImmune Premium Strength

Chronic illness brings a number of life changing factors, and one of the hardest to get used to is the frequent fatigue and lack of energy.  TaurImmune Premium Strength is a homeopathic remedy that may help to reduce fatigue and strengthen immune system function.  TaurImmune Premium Strength was designed to supplement conventional medical practices, and if you find yourself with a lack of energy due to cancer, Lyme disease, or other fatigue inducing illnesses, TaurImmune Premium Strength may offer some help.

The active ingredient in this natural energy booster is tauroxicum, which is sometimes shortened to just taurox.  Taurox works to support energy production and immune strength.  It is a sulfur based compound that offers the body sulfur dipeptides.  Sulfur dipeptides are important to the body's natural creation of energy, because they are used by the cell's mitochondria.  Studies have shown that 90% of subjects struggling with fatigue had a boost in energy after taking taurox for three to six weeks.  Some people who use TaurImmune Premium Strength even notice an increase in mental clarity and function. 

If you're experiencing frequent or chronic illness TaurImmune Premium Strength may offer some help.  It supplies the body with sulfur dipeptides that may help to strengthen immune system function and support cellular energy production.  Through these avenues it may help to reduce fatigue and improve mental function.    

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beating Fatigue with Beyond Energy

Here is another review about Beyond Energy natural fatigue supplement from one of my friends.

Being a nursing aide at an American medical center, my task is to help doctors, nurses, and patients round the clock but to do that I have to keep my energy high by taking Beyond Energy, an energy boosting and natural fatigue supplement. For most of the time I spend inside the center, I have to walk or stand and deal with so many urgent requests from doctors and nurses. Just imagine how physically demanding my working environment is. There should be no moment of weariness or exhaustion because many people depend on me for assistance. This is the very reason that I never run out of a bottle of Beyond Energy to stay in good shape anytime of the day.

Before I discovered this energy boosting supplement on, I used to feel worn out at the end of a day’s work.  There were times when I had heavy workloads that I did not have any more energy to report to work the next day.  As much as wanted to go straight to bed every time I reached home, I still found it difficult to sleep for some reasons that I could not figure out at that time. 

Such situation continued for almost two months that I ended up visiting my doctor for a checkup.  When my doctor finally told me that I was experiencing fatigue and explained the reasons why I was suffering from it, I was not really surprised. I actually saw it coming. The doctor told me that each I time I felt weariness or lack of energy, it was because I already developed fatigue due to persistent tiredness. I knew then that it was all related to my job and that was what my doctor instantly confirmed to me. I remembered him telling me that my busy and stressful work was the major cause. 

“What should I do?” I asked my doctor who then advised me to avoid activities that would only worsen my health problem or entirely change my lifestyle so I could get a decent sleep every night. I told him that with the nature of my job, it was difficult to skip some stressful routine activities.  In the end, I just asked my doctor to give me some remedies to recover from fatigue but he discouraged me to take any pills because all I needed was to change my irregular sleep patterns or get plenty of rest.

Those pieces of advice left me wondering if I should give up my work just to regain my health.  I kept telling myself that there must be a way to improve my condition and get back on the right track. My desperation led me to look for a remedy online. That was when I learned about so many products that promised to provide relief for fatigue or stress. But what really worked best for me was the all-natural and US-made Beyond Energy Natural Energy Supplement that instantly energized me because of its 30 life-giving and powerful energy-boosting ingredients.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Beat Fatigue in 5 Easy Ways

Today’s society are becoming more and more demanding of our energy. Sometimes, the stress becomes too great that fatigue seems a given. Don’t take your fatigue symptoms for granted. A shot of espresso or another dose of caffeine may give you short-term solutions, but this becomes unhealthy in the long term.

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, here are a few ways to combat fatigue that are guaranteed to give you more energy to do your daily tasks:
  1. Have a good night’s sleep. If you think you’re clocking in eight hours of sleep and still feel tired, this might mean that you need a higher quality of sleep. This means that you need to know the right time to fall asleep. Our bodies have a natural sleeping pattern that is linked to our exposure to natural light. This means that we need to sleep early and wake up early, too. This is what experts call “restorative sleep.” Restorative sleep gives you an energy increase that will help you beat fatigue.
  2.  Don’t drink too much coffee. Coffee exposes you to caffeine and other sugar-loaded drinks. You may get an energy rush from these drinks, but it also takes a toll on your body because it has to keep up. Drinking coffee sets you up to swing from being full of energy to low. Instead, drink water in lieu of coffee. While water does not really give you energy, it helps your cells to process energy and absorb more nutrients. 
  3. Take energy boosting supplements. Supplements, such as Beyond Energy, are natural fatigue remedies that will not give you the side effects of synthetic energy boosters. Look for health supplements for fatigue that has several natural ingredients that are proven to give you more energy, such as ginseng, ginko biloba, and green tea extract.
  4. Eat high-energy foods. You need to take food that are high in protein so that your cells will be able to regenerate and repair damage. Protein also helps balance the fluids in your body, as well as regulate hormone and enzyme production. It also provides more energy and maintains healthy tissues. People with low protein levels feel weak and lethargic. They are also prone to moodiness and depression. Food that are rich in protein and fiber and low in fat are the best. Yogurt, nuts, fish, and soya or soya-based products are enough to make you feel energized the whole day.
  5. Get more exercise. Contrary to popular notions, getting more exercise will make you feel more energetic. When you exercise, you have more oxygen flowing into your veins, brain, and muscles. Even a short walk can make you feel more alert and energized. Exercise also releases hormones that will make you feel more alive and refreshed.
These five simple ways are great remedies for your problems with fatigue. Try all these and you’ll see an improved, more energetic you who is willing to take on anything. For chronic fatigue, many have tried Taurimmune Fatigue with great success.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Emotional Fatigue or Physical Fatigue?

People wonder why they feel fatigue but don't you know that there are two kinds of fatigue? Emotional fatigue and physical fatigue are two kinds of fatigue that you may experience. Knowing which of the two you’re having will help you seek the right help and remedy.

Emotional fatigue is feeling tired mentally. This is usually brought on by looming deadlines, too much work, or too much stress. Stress may come from your work or an unexpected situation, like the death of someone close to you.

On the other hand, physical fatigue is what you feel after you have exerted enormous bodily effort. This might come after spring cleaning your house for the whole day. Physical fatigue is when you don’t have the strength to even move your body.

Both emotional and physical fatigue give the same symptoms of tiredness. Both can also be relieved with rest and relaxation.

I know that the next question in your mind is how you’re can tell which kind of fatigue you are feeling. Think about those days when you are feeling fatigued. Do you wake up in the morning feeling tired? Yet, as the day moves forward, you feel more energized? If you’re feeling like this, you might be experiencing emotional fatigue. Think of the sources of stress that you meet throughout the day. Make moves on how to avoid or remove the stress from your daily life. This might help you cope with the emotional fatigue brought on by the stress.

Now, if you feel great in the mornings and feel tired later in the afternoon, you might have physical fatigue. Have a medical check-up to see whether or not there are unforeseen health problems. The sooner you know what is causing your physical fatigue, the better.

Both kinds of fatigue can be addressed by taking natural fatigue remedies, such as TauroImmune Fatigue. TauroImmune Fatigue is a health supplement that naturally relieves fatigue. Take this no matter what kind of fatigue you have and you’ll get instant relief.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Most Common Fatigue Symptoms

Isn't it annoying or downright frustrating when you feel fatigue so early in the day that you don't have the strength to go through your normal activities? Sometimes, it's easier to just down three cups of coffee (or five, like I did, but so unhealthy) or go for a natural fatigue remedy like Taurox TaurImmune Fatigue. Although these natural fatigue treatments may give you the energy boost you'd like, sometimes, the problem of fatigue can be solved by knowing what causes it. Here are the top 7 symptoms that may cause your fatigue and give you the relief that you need:

1.    Allergies that may lead to hay fever or asthma.
Be aware of surroundings and see whether or not you may be exposed to allergens that might trigger an asthma attack or symptoms of hay fever. If you’re not sure whether or not you have hay fever or asthma, examine your family’s health. If you have family members who have asthma or hay fever, chances are, you might have the same condition. Long-term exposure to allergens may result to fatigue and irritability.

2.    Anemia.
Does your fatigue come with chest pain or lightheadedness, especially when you’re standing for long periods? You may have anemia which has fatigue and lack of energy as part of the symptoms. Other symptoms of anemia or iron deficiency anemia are pale skin and concentration difficulties, and shortness of breath.

3.    Grief/Depression.
You may have suffered some trauma or difficult situations in your life and this may cause the fatigue. It’s normal to feel down in the dumps for short periods because no one is spared from problems, but when you feel that your sadness lasts for longer periods and interferes with your everyday activity, you might be depressed. You may also have lost someone important in your life and grieving always causes fatigue.

4.    Persistent Pain.
When your body is given no rest when coping with persistent pain, fatigue sets in. The body has to work extra hard when you’re in pain because it is trying to protect you. If you feel that this is the cause for your fatigue, consult a medical practitioner and see whether he or she may prescribe pain alleviation medication.

5.    Sleep disorders. The body needs adequate rest in order to function properly. If you’re not getting enough sleep because of insomnia, sleep apnea, or narcolepsy, you will feel fatigue the rest of the day. Deal with sleep disorders and say goodbye to fatigue.

6.    Thyroid gland problems. When your thyroid gland produces more or fewer hormones that control metabolism, this may lead to fatigue that is a common symptom for hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Check your hair and nails to see whether or not they are brittle. These are symptoms of hypothyroidism, including constipation, pale skin, and sensitivity to cold. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism symptoms include heat intolerance, frequent bowel movements, goiter, and an increased appetite.

7.    Regular use of alcohol or drugs.
Alcohol has sedative properties that may cause fatigue in a person. Cocaine and narcotics also has the same effect, especially if you are regularly using them.

Fatigue can result from a multitude of causes, but these seven are the most common. Observe yourself for a few days and see whether or not you recognize other symptoms.As with other health problems, understanding what causes fatigue and eliminating them is the key to a fatigue-free life. Once you have pinpointed the cause, then you’ll be better able to cope with fatigue, especially when using Taurimmune Fatigue.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Fatigue

It’s normal to feel fatigue once in a while. Fatigue is when you feel tired or do not have the energy to go about your normal routines. Fatigue can also be described as a feeling of weariness or tiredness. Fatigue is natural when you have exercised or exerted physical effort. We also feel fatigue when we have not gotten enough sleep at night or when we’re feeling bored. However, fatigue may also be a symptom of an underlying medical or psychological condition. Fatigue is rarely a symptom of a more serious disease, so don’t worry. So how do we know when to seek medical help? Here are three questions you can ask yourself when you’re feeling fatigue:

1.    Is my fatigue relieved by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, taking time to relax, or any natural therapy?

If your fatigue goes away with getting eight hours of sleep or eating a well-balanced diet, then your fatigue is manageable. Some people seek homeopathic remedies such as Taurox Taurimmune Fatigue and realize that’s all they need. Remember to always seek natural fatigue remedies as chemical substances may cause more harm than good.

2.    Does my fatigue come with other conditions?

Fatigue that comes with other conditions, such as headaches, dizziness, confusion or blurred vision must be consulted with health professionals. If you also feel that you have not urinated or produced a lesser volume of urine or noticed some swelling or weight gain, call your doctor.

Here are other conditions that signal that you need a doctor to examine your fatigue symptoms:

•    Fever
•    Weight Loss/Weight Gain
•    Constipation
•    Waking up several times through the night
•    Dry Skin
•    Sensitivity to cold
•    Depression
•    Insomnia
•    Taking prescription or non-prescription drugs that may cause fatigue

3.    Does my fatigue follow a pattern?

You can also examine whether or not your fatigue has a pattern. This will help your doctor in determining what causes your fatigue. You might notice that you don’t feel fatigue in the early mornings but feel very tired after you do something. This pattern might mean that you have thyroid problems. However, if you wake up in the morning and immediately feel fatigue throughout the day, you might have depression.

These three questions will help you determine what your next step will be if you feel fatigue. People’s fatigue varies greatly. Some feel great after taking natural fatigue remedies while others don’t feel an effect. But the worst thing that you can do is to ignore your fatigue, so give Taurimmune Fatigue a try.